Patients VIP is a full service marketing and recruitment firm dedicated to supporting research organizations and their patients. See the different ways we can help below.

Graphic Design and Video Production

Every day, most businesses make a mistake that causes them to waste thousands, if not millions, of advertisement dollars: they don’t explain clearly what they’re offering. Our team combines healthcare, copywriting, and design expertise to provide unparalleled marketing materials. Patients VIP includes these clear and engaging advertisements in a Content Deck for your review.

Advertisement Placement and Management

Unlike Patients VIP, most agencies charge a percentage of ad spend and are incentivized to spend as many of your marketing dollars as possible. At Patients VIP we are different – we utilize an experiment-oriented, omni-channel marketing approach, to achieve effective and financially efficient recruitment. We leverage online browser behavior and geotargeting to find interested and qualified patients.

Website Development

For Studies: Half the battle is getting potential leads onto the website as cost effectively as possible. The second half of the battle is maximizing the percentage of these leads who sign up for the study. Patients VIP’s tested landing pages and workflows are designed for frictionless performance in order to enroll new subjects into your clinical trials. For your team's website, Patients VIP can also update your existing website or create an entirely new one that’s elegant, modern, and mobile-optimized. We also offer website hosting and analytics tracking.

Sponsor & IRB Approval

Waiting for sponsor and IRB approvals can cause significant delays. To streamline the process, our team can work directly with your sponsors and IRB to get approvals as quickly as possible.

Call Center Recruitment & Site Coordination

It is well known that delays in follow up with potential subjects decreases their availability for screening. For this reason, our experienced, knowledgeable, and HIPAA certified call center will screen new leads and report back to you within 24 hours. Our call center can also handle warm transfers, follow ups, appointment reminders, and appointment scheduling

SEO Website Blogging

Blogging is a powerful way to showcase your brand, build trust with your community, and reach your target audience. Our team will take care of the research, content creation, and technical implementation to maximize website traffic.

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