Case Study:

Texas Surgical Centers

Prior to Partnering with Patients VIP:

This group was seeking patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea to participate in their clinical trial. 

Their team ran Facebook, radio, and newspaper ads with very limited success. They were unable to generate high quality leads and had a $37 average cost per lead. 

Due to their recruitment struggles in Texas, the group also considered shifting marketing efforts outside of San Antonio and paying for patients’ airfare.

Getting Started with Patients VIP

First, Patients VIP’s in house team developed a new omni-channel marketing strategy to more effectively reach potential study participants. 

Next, Patients VIP sent clear, concise, and compelling marketing materials to the sponsor and IRB for approval.

Frictionless Landing Pages & Workflows

Patients VIP built out custom landing pages and workflows designed to make patient sign-up simple and to showcase the surgical centers’ branding.

This increased the percent of website visitors who signed up for the study.

Omni-Channel Outreach

After receiving approval from the IRB and sponsor, Patients VIP launched advertisements across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Patients VIP actively managed the advertising campaigns to bring traffic to the website as cost-effectively as possible. Study recruitment was complete 4 weeks after launching advertisements.

Patients VIP Recruitment Results

Without Patients VIP Percent Difference
Cost Per Click

Percent of Website Visitors Who Signed Up

Cost Per Lead
Recruitment Period
10 Weeks (Incomplete)
3.5 Weeks

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