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Why Patients VIP?


of medical research is delayed due to a lack of participants


of sites never enroll a single patient into a given study


of sites do not meet study enrollment goals

Sponsors and CRO’s greatest challenge is finding qualified patients to participate in their studies. This slow recruitment causes expensive delays.

Patients VIP’s strategic, metrics-driven approach makes enrollment easy. With extensive marketing and research expertise, Patients VIP partners with research organizations to find suitable patients for their studies and enroll them quickly and cost-effectively.

How It Works

Working with Patients VIP is simple. Here's the 6-Step Process:

1. Study Details

To get started, send Patients VIP your study protocol and informed consent form. From there, our team will review your information and create a custom plan for your study.

2. Budget Review

After learning about your study, Patients VIP will provide you with a budget proposal for your team to review.

3. Marketing Content Deck

Patients VIP will provide you with a marketing content deck. The content deck will clearly illustrate all of the media that will go into study recruitment. 

4. Sponsor & IRB Approval

Patients VIP can work directly with your sponsors and IRB to get approvals. This allows for recruitment efforts to begin sooner.

5. Target & Recruit

With clear and engaging marketing materials, Patients VIP leverages geotargeting and online browser behavior to recruit interested and qualified patients. Outreach mediums include social media advertisements, search engine marketing, billboards, display advertisements, and more.

6. Pre-Screen Volunteers

Patients VIP's experienced, knowledgeable, and HIPAA certified call center will screen new leads within 24 hours. Our call center can also handle your follow ups, appointment reminders, and schedule appointments.


Accelerate Your Trials with Quantum Audience Targeting, Quantum Data Enhancement, & Omnichannel Recruitment

Accelerate Your Trials

Quantum Audience Targeting, Quantum Data Enhancement, & Omnichannel Recruitment

Quantum Audience Targeting

Quantum Audience Targeting uses over 1.9 trillion data points to target potential patients by the study indication in a compliant manner. This innovative approach helps to more effectively reach and recruit patients into studies.

Quantum Data Enhancement

Quantum Data Enhancement uses big data to deploy retargeting ads and email more information about the study to qualified users who have visited the website: even users who did not submit a contact form. This privacy-compliant method generates more leads per advertising dollar spent.

Omni-Channel Recruitment

Omni-channel recruitment is a strategic, highly scalable approach to identifying and recruiting eligible and engaged patients for your study. Patients VIP will select which channels are best suited to reach our target audience for each study.


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